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Pasture-raised eggs

Laid by hens that get to spend their days outside on fresh pastures – not cooped up in small cages or huddled by the thousands in cage-free barns. Fresh Footehills Farm eggs are simply better in every way. They taste better. They look better. They’re better for you.

Footehills farm eggs.

Crack one open

You’re not going to make a blue or green omelette but you may be surprised, at the color variety you find, when you open a carton of Footehills Farm eggs.

Quality eggs come from quality chickens. Our chickens live outside from dawn to dusk. Maximum sunlight is what keeps our gals so happy. Happy chickens lay pretty, nutritious eggs. 😉

beautiful eggs

Green & Blue Eggs

Easter Eggers, Whiting

Brown Eggs

Rhode Island Red, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Barred Rock, Speckled Sussex, Delaware, Cuckoo Marans, Welsummer

Pink Eggs


Jumbo Cornish-Cross Meat


These chickens are a cross between a Cornish chicken and a White Rock chicken. This combination was developed for meat production. We raise these chickens due to their fast growth rate and the delicious result. They are harvested at about eight weeks of age.



We raise only 25 chickens at a time. Raising small batches allows us to ensure their health and an abundance of forage. Our meat chickens are raised in their own “chicken tractors” similar to the rabbits’. They are moved to fresh grass daily while being protected from predators. Raising our chickens this way produces meat that is high in nutrients without hormones or antibiotics.

Egg & Meat pick-up

You’ll love our chicken and eggs – they’re definitely worth a quick trip out to the farm. All orders must be picked up at Footehills Farm or at the Cartersville Farmers Market. 


 We are experiencing some technical difficulties. Please contact us with your order and we will arrange delivery and payment! Thank you for your understanding