Pasture-raised Duck eggs

Our layers are Magpie and Khaki Campbell. These breeds are known for laying 170-290 eggs per year. Our drake is a Cayuga. This year we hatched six of his ducklings and hope to incorporate some of their eggs into our packages. They can range from pale to charcoal grey in shell color.

Ducks are a fun addition to our farm. Their eggs are approximately 50% larger by volume than chicken
eggs and provide higher amounts of protein, fat and many essential minerals as well. We especially love them in our baked goods.

The ducks are a source of entertainment around the farm. They have a separate house from our chickens, which they share with our rabbits; it even has its own “pool”. They are quite noisy and often make muddy messes in their fenced in yard.

We move them bi-weekly like the other animals. This provides them with fresh grass, lots of insects to hunt, and a pool cleaning.

Egg pick-up

Our eggs are definitely worth a quick trip out to the farm. All egg orders must be picked up at Footehills Farm or at the Cartersville Farmers Market.