fresh food

Breads & Cereals

Great Start Granola
Freshly flaked oat groats combined with seeds, nuts and coconut....
Five Grain Pancake Mix
Wheat, Oats, Rye, Barley & Brown Rice freshly milled to...
Pizza Crust
One pizza crust made from freshly milled Spelt and Wheat...

Fresh Herbs

Fines Herbes
Our version of Fines Herbes combines to make a superb...
Bouquet Garni
An excellent way to flavor soup and sauce without much...
Thyme picked to order. Excellent for flavoring vegetables and meat....
Mint picked to order. Excellent for flavoring vegetables and meat....
Tarragon picked to order. Excellent for flavoring vegetables, fish and...

Fruits & Vegetables

Asparagus picked fresh daily. It's the taste of Spring! LOCAL...

Jams, Jellies & Chutneys

Savory Jams & Jellies
Our savory line of jams &  jellies are delicious with...
Fruit Jams & Jellies
Treat yourself to our homemade, homegrown jams. We use our...
Tomato Fig Chutney
A delicious accent to your favorite meat or cheese. Our...

Meat & Eggs

Milk, Sheep (Raw)
Our fresh Sheep milk is unpasteurized. We are licensed in...
Milk, Goat (Raw)
Our fresh Goat milk is unpasteurized. We are licensed in...
Chicken Eggs
Eggs, Chicken
Pasture-raised, our chickens lay beautifully colored eggs with bright nutrient-rich...
Eggs, Duck
Pasture-raised, these ducks produce excellent eggs. They are wonderful for...
Rabbit, Whole
Enjoy our pasture-raised fryer rabbit. It is highly nutritious and...

Salts, Spices & Rubs

Garlic Salt
Our homegrown Korean Garlic dehydrated and combined with Pink Himalayan...
Ghost Pepper Garlic Salt
Our Korean Garlic combined with Pink Himalayan Salt then kicked...
Spicy Salt Grinders
Our farm raised hot peppers combined with Pink Himalayan Salt....
Fish Shack Low-Country Seafood Seasoning
An excellent seasoning for all kinds of seafood. Our garlic,...
Finishing Salts
Finishing Salts are a delicious way to set your meal...
Ghost Pepper Coffee Spice Rub
All the spices you need to smoke a great piece...


Tulsi Tea
Tulsi dried and ready for a relaxing cup of tea....
Respiratory Herbal Tea Blend
A blend of herbs to aid your respiratory system.
Flu Blend Herbal Tea
Our dried herbs combined to combat the season's coughs and...
Good Night Herbal Tea Blend
A combination of lavender and spearmint to help you drift...
Day Dream Herbal Tea Blend
Drift into a daydream with this blend of chamomile and...
End of the Day Herbal Tea Blend
Soothing herbs with a bit of lemon peel to balance...
Ladies’ Herbal Tea Blend
A blend of herbs to support your body and relax...


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