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Tennessee Fainting Goats

The fancy name is Myotonic Goats.  But, you may know them as Nervous Goats, Wooden-Leg Goats, Scare Goats, or Fainting Goats.

goats on Footehills farm

Family pets

TN Fainting goats were some of the first animals to reside here at the farm. We have had a very successful seven years of breeding, milking and cheese making. To call our goats friends would be an understatement.

Our goats are serve as a dual purpose breed: great for milk & meat, also make great companions and family pets.

Come for a visit

Meet and greet the gals that supply the rich farmstead milk for our famous soaps.
We’re located right in Taylorsville, GA.


“We’ve made a few changes around here to help ya’ll out!”

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