Tennessee Fainting Goats

The fancy name is Myotonic Goats.  But, you may know them as Nervous Goats, Wooden-Leg Goats, Scare Goats, or Fainting Goats.

goats on Footehills farm

Family pets

Interested in a goat of your own? Contact us for pricing and availability.

TN Fainting goats were some of the first animals to reside here at the farm. We have had a very successful seven years of breeding, milking and cheese making. To call our goats friends would be an understatement.

Our goats are serve as a dual purpose breed: great for milk & meat, also make great companions and family pets.

Come for a visit

Meet and greet the gals that supply the rich farmstead milk for our famous soaps.
We’re located right in Taylorsville, GA.