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Duck or Chicken, Which Egg is Best?

Have you ever considered the differences between duck and chicken eggs? I had never really imagined that there was a difference. They are both birds, eat similar diets, but there is a lot more to eggs than I realized.

According to a article, written by Cecilia Snyder, MS, RD on December 1, 2020,* the following chart of nutritional information shows a big differences:

Duck EggsChicken Eggs
Protein12 grams10 grams
Fat18.5 grams11 grams
Carbs1.4 grams1.6 grams
Fiber0 grams0 grams
Cholesterol276% of the Daily Value (DV)92% of the DV
Choline36% of the DV40% of the DV
Copper6% of the DV7% of the DV
Folate14% of the DV9% of the DV
Iron20% of the DV7% of the DV
Pantothenic acid24% of the DV
Phosphorus16% of the DV13% of the DV
Riboflavin28% of the DV29% of the DV
Selenium62% of the DV43% of the DV
Thiamine10% of the DV3% of the DV
Vitamin A23% of the DV18% of the DV
Vitamin B615% of the DV8% of the DV
Vitamin B12168% of the DV32% of the DV
Vitamin D8% of the DV9% of the DV
Vitamin E13% of the DV8% of the DV
Zinc12% of the DV9% of the DV

I have come to understand that there are also big differences in raising these two types of birds. Our ducks have been less susceptible to weather changes, have more sustainable laying habits, and statistically they live longer than chickens. They are much easier to keep inside their fence and they nest on the floor of their house which allows us to maximize space by keep our rabbits above them. They seem to be good roommates. 😊

The duck downfall is water. They love water, but are extremely messy with it. Our chickens daintily drink from their waterers, while the ducks attack their pond with a vengeance, and it becomes stinky and dirty very fast.

We filmed this one morning. these ladies LOVE to get out for their morning swim!

So, I haven’t decided which birds I prefer. For now, we will continue to keep both and really enjoy both types of eggs in different recipes. All the while knowing that whichever eggs we use, they are full of great nutrients, and harvested in an ethical way.

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*Duck Eggs vs. Chicken Eggs: Nutrition, Benefits, and More (