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We’re Not Just Kidding Around

This is the week we are preparing for kidding/lambing. Each year we excitedly anticipate this season. Each evening we lead all of our expectant mommas to their stalls to spend the night inside just in case they go into labor. Sometimes it is a seamless stroll to the barn and other times if can look like a goat and sheep rodeo. Regardless, it is always fun and having my daughter Katie help me each night is a great blessing,

Having everyone inside at night helps me to make sure I can keep an eye on anything that may go wrong. It gives the ladies a quiet space all their own. About six weeks prior to kidding/lambing time I start an herbal regimen for each one. I call them pregnancy herbs, but Erin calls them ‘more stuff to carry each morning.’ Even though it takes more time and dedication, the results are amazing. We have some of the healthiest kids and lambs around. Our mommas almost always throw twins if not triplets and they do so with ease.  By three weeks out we increase several vitamins and minerals. This ensures they have everything they need during the bleak cold and wet months of winter.

Katadhin Lambs (5 min old)

This year moving the girls to the barn in the evenings was perfect timing. We have had a cold snap, yes even in GA we have cold snaps. I definitely don’t want them to kid/lamb in the field on a night where temperatures are below freezing.

So now it’s all about the waiting! Even though I am impatient for the babies, I find this time of year a great lesson in God’s timing.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells us that everything has it’s time. And even though we often think we know better and strive constantly to take control over all things, it is in fact God who ordains all things. This makes me praise Him all the more, since if left to me all would be a train wreck. He knows what is best for us and cares deeply for each of us as our Good Shepherd. I rest in that truth and look forward to this exciting and busy time with contentment.